DTV Primer

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Updated 7/6/06

So much to see and so little time.


Industry News:

  • -- TV industry regulatory, business, and engineering news (for TV station people)

Where to Buy Cool Stuff:

  • SV Sound -- Very cool subwoofers, and now also full-range speaker systems -- factory-direct web sales only
  • OneCall.Com -- Digital TVs, DVD Players, etc. - I've bought things from these guys for years.


  • The Digital Bits -- DVD news and reviews; what's going to come out and when, with what content.
  • -- DVD reviews, commentary, disc news, and hardware reviews.

TV Manufacturers:

Other Industry Sites:

  • -- where you go to see what sort of antenna you need to receive over-the-air TV
  • -- where you go to see what HD programming is on, what digital TV stations you can receive, etc.
  • -- Texas Instruments site about DLP technology
  • CEA -- Consumer Electronics Association - the companies that build your TV sets
  • CEDIA -- Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association - the people who design and install custom home theaters, etc.
  • Imaging Science Foundation -- the company that trains TV calibrators, etc.
  • CERC -- Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition - the Best Buys, Circuit Cities, and Tweeters of the world