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Superbowl HD

January 30, 2007

The data is in: by the time the Superbowl goes on the air next Sunday, one in five American households will have a high-definition TV. And if popular wisdom is true, a great many of those sets were purchased specifically for this most important TV event of the year.

Doesn't matter whether the Bears or the Colts win, it's how you watch the game that counts. And not to forget the commercials and the half-time show.

CBS is putting on the show this year, and that means the broadcast is going out in glorious Full-HD - 1920 x 1080 pixels. Whether you will see all of that quality is another matter. Rumor has it that DirecTV converts to 1440 x 1080 before retransmitting the signal, and some people swear that cable companies compress the original signal even more. And if your set is 720p (or the usual 1366 x 768), there will of course be a diminution of detail.

But no matter. Any way you get it beats the pants off standard definition!

CBS is not skimping on HD coverage this year. They're putting out about 50 HD cameras. Some of those are slow-motion wonders. Others will be robotic controlled marvels that can speed down the sidelines hanging from a motorized cable system originally developed for motion picture filming.

Even the special effects will be in high-def this year!

Weather at Dolphins Stadium in Miami on Sunday is forecast to be partly cloudy, high 76 degrees and a low of 68 (a lot warmer than where I am).

Expect a lot of those HD-less Superbowl party-goers to be out shopping for their own big widescreen next week.