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LG Electronics' New Flat-panel TVs

January 7, 2007


LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled its 2007 lineup of plasma display panel (PDP) TVs, including new 1080p "Full HD" models and its flagship 71-inch plasma, which has been repositioned at a dramatically lower suggested retail price.

On display publicly for the first time this week at the 2007 CES, the new plasma displays incorporate new technologies that significantly improve contrast, reduce reflections and optimize playability.

LG "repositioned" its flagship 71-inch Plasma Full HD Monitor (71PY1M) with a new price of $15,000 (an 80 percent decrease from the unit's introduction price in early 2006).

LG's 2007 plasma line features 10 models ranging from 42" to 71", in four series of products:

  • PC5D series features 42- and 50-inch panels which supplement two carryover models, the 60PC1D and 42PC3DV
  • PB4D series includes 42-, 50- and 60-inch models with integrated HD DVR
  • PY3D series features 50- and 60-inch models with Full HD 1080p resolution
  • PY1M consists of the previously mentioned 71-inch 1080p panel, which is an HD monitor

There are now three units (50", 60" and 71") with 1920 x 1080p "Full HD" display capability to meet the growing demand for the highest resolution display capability, complementing new 1080p pre-recorded high-definition optical media. These models all support 1080p via HDMI and component inputs at 24, 30 and 60 frame rates.

New 42- and 50-inch models in the PC5D and PB4D series include LG's "Clear Filter Pro" technology. Clear Filter Pro technology replaces the front glass filter with a thin film filter which reduces reflection and double imaging, providing a haze-free, crisp viewing experience.

The PY3D series also features three HDMI inputs and USB Media Host to allow for easy playback of digital music and photos on the plasma set.

All of LG's plasma displays incorporate a high-glossy black finish (that seems to be all the rage this year).

LCD Flat-panels

LG ELECTRONICS has announced a line of 20 LCD TVs, led by nine LCDs with Full HD 1920 x 1080p display capability.

LG's 2007 LCD line includes five main series of LCD products offering a range of sizes from 20- to 57-inches:

  • LC7 Series offers consumers the widest range of sizes from 26- to 47-inches (the 47-inch unit is Full HD 1080p), and includes LG Simple Link, enhanced contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and advanced TruWide Viewing Angle technology.
  • LB4D Series includes 32-, 37-, 42- and 47-inches and features TruMotion Drive, a third HDMI input and USB Media Host for playback of digital photos (JPEG) and music (MP3). The 47LB4D also features Full HD 1080p display resolution.
  • LB5D Series includes screens in 37-, 42-, 47- and 52-inches, all with Full HD 1080p resolution, USB Media Host and 3 HDMI inputs.
  • LY3D Series (47-, 52- and 57-inches) combines Full HD 1080p resolution with TruMotion Drive and wide color gamut for the ultimate picture quality and viewing experience.
  • In addition, LG offers the LS7D Series which includes 20- and 23-inch LCDs. These two widescreen HDTVs incorporate ATSC/NTSC/QAM clear tuners.

FULL-HD ENHANCED PICTURE QUALITY: LG's nine LCD HDTVs with 1920 x 1080p "Full HD" display capability address the growing demand for the best possible resolution. With sizes ranging from 37- to 57-inches, LG provides consumers with a number of Full-HD size options to best fit their needs.

(The industry has apparently adopted the short and snappy marketing term "Full-HD" in lieu of the established but more cumbersome "full-specification high-definition.")

Select models also incorporate TruMotion Drive, 120Hz panel technology, which improves moving picture response time for clearer moving picture images. The new LY3D series also features an improved wide color gamut expanding displayable colors to 92 percent of the NTSC spectrum offering a wider range of natural colors and providing consumers with a greater overall viewing experience. (HDMI 1.3 is making inroads)

All large screen models (26-inches and larger) include a minimum of two HDMI with HDCP inputs with step-up models adding a third input, providing flexibility for additional digital components. Further, many models incorporate USB Media Host to play digital music and photo files.

Surprise. The new product line has a high-gloss black finish.