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JVC and Samsung

January 7, 2007

More news from CES.

JVC has announced new slim-cabinet D-ILA (LC0S --liquid crystal on silicon, an LCD variant) 58" and 65" RPTVs. The cabinet depths for these 1080p HD sets are 10.7" and 11.6", respectively, made possible by a new optical engine. They can be placed flush against the wall, or even hung on it.

These sets have a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and use 32-bit CPU video processing, up-scaling any video source to display at full high definition 1080p. Standard definition signals are improved through better IP conversion, and improved scaler performance.

The TVs have two 1080p-capable HDMI inputs.

The JVC HD-58S998 will be available in January and will sell for about $3300. The JVC HD-65S998 will be available in March and will sell for about $4200.

JVC also announced a new full-spec (1920 x 1080) D-ILA front projector that will sell for about $6300, available in February.

For more JVC info and photos, see this link.

Samsung is introducing its largest (70" diagonal) full-high-definition LCD for consumer television applications.

Samsung will also be showing at CES 2007 a new 52" diagonal LCD screen standard that reproduces full HD video images at 120Hz with enhanced motion picture response time (MPRT). The 52" panel will be produced later this year on the company's most advanced 8th-generation LCD manufacturing line.

This new 8th generation plant is being built in partnership with Sony. Production from this plant is not expected to begin until fall 2007.