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New Video Processors - First CES 2007 News

January 5, 2007

With the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show just a few days away, the press releases are starting to flow (although not yet from the major TV companies).

Of interest is this press release from a company called Let It Wave. They have a new video processor technology out that does just about everything. I particularly noted the frame rate conversion capability, which is nothing as simplistic as 2:3 pulldown. It calculates intermediate frames to provide smoother, more realistic motion, with fewer artifacts.

That's the claim, anyway, and no doubt everyone else in the field is busy at work. That's good for all of us.

Jan 03, 2007

Let It Wave Demonstrates Breakthrough Super-Resolution Bandlet Technology for HDTV Up-Conversion and Frame Rate Conversion

PARIS --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 3, 2007 Let It Wave demonstrates at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas breakthrough HDTV up-conversion building on its patented super-resolution bandlet algorithm. Developed initially for broadcast equipment manufacturers, Let It Wave now brings an unprecedented picture quality to flat display applications. Let It Wave's technology creates amazingly sharp HD images from SD video sources--today's format of most available content. At CES 2007, Let It Wave also introduces its advanced frame rate converter, which smartly computes HDTV intermediate frames and eliminates motion blur and flickers while removing film judder, an essential requirement for new 100 and 120Hz LCD and Plasma displays.

Let It Wave's super-resolution bandlet is a patented technology resulting from 10 years of research in the most advanced applied mathematics laboratories in France and the United States. "Spatio-temporal geometric bandlet representations provide a totally new approach that yields outstanding video images," explains Professor Stephane Mallat, CEO of Let It Wave. "We are offering this unprecedented video quality for HDTV products at a very competitive price."

The full space-time processing of Let It Wave technology restores details hidden in the original SD material and produces no "flicker" and no "jaggy" artifacts, a typical issue resulting from today's most advanced technologies like motion adaptive and even motion compensative. It also avoids introducing blurring and shadow artifacts produced by competitive frame rate converters. Comparison benchmarks performed by market makers confirm that Let It Wave's display controller provides a far better HDTV viewing experience, achieving the level of picture quality the industry has been seeking. "The amazing images produced by the Let It Wave up-conversion process are reaching the ultimate quality point," says Yves Faroudja, founder of Faroudja Laboratories and pioneer of up-conversion technology. Let It Wave's up-converter highly robust and automatically processes all content types.

A prototype of this new and innovative technology based on a single Altera(R) FPGA will be presented and demonstrated at CES 2007. "Let It Wave's award-winning HDTV up-converter combined with breakthrough frame rate conversion clearly demonstrates how Altera programmable logic enables new technologies at consumer price points," said Tim Colleran, Altera vice president of the consumer, automotive and broadcast business group. "By optimizing their video processing technology for flat display applications, Let It Wave helps enhance the viewing experience to the full visual potential of HDTV."

Let It Wave's display controller features an all-format HDTV converter (up, down and cross) including super-resolution de-interlacing and scaling, together with spatio-temporal bandlet noise removal for picture enhancement. It also supports frame-rate conversion up to 120 Hz for advanced flat displays. Let It Wave's product, to be produced in volume on Altera's low-cost Cyclone(R) series FPGAs, will provide flat display OEMs with an exceptional conversion performance, price and flexibility advantage.

For more information about Let It Wave and its products, visit our website at and see live demonstrations at our CES 2007 booth, South Hall 2-26537.