DTV Primer

Chris Llana, Editor



Pioneer and Canon

November 1, 2006

Pioneer has joined Sony in delaying the introduction of its Blu-ray Disc player to December. Pioneer Player

Pioneer's BDP-HD1 player is still set for a $1500 price tag (as always, subject to change). One presumes that firmware development is still proceeding, and that is the cause of the delay. With dual-layer titles coming out in December, with different video codecs being used, it of course behooves the manufacturers to make sure their players work correctly with the more sophisticated titles.

But I'm hoping it's something more than that, to wit: keeping up with HD-DVD's move to HDMI 1.3. Toshiba's $1000 second generation player, the HD-XA2, coming out in December (trend here?) will have HDMI 1.3 interconnects. Sony's Playstation 3 (November) will have HDMI 1.3 interconnects. If Sony and Pioneer are delaying to December (for whatever reason), hopefully they can find a way to incorporate HDMI 1.3 in those players.

If they don't, I would recommend waiting to buy until they get a Blue-ray player out that does have HDMI 1.3. Gotta have that lossless audio!

Meanwhile, Canon has released a new high-def consumer camcorder, the HV10, selling for about $1100.

Canon HD camcorder

This CMOS camcorder records at full 1920 x 1080 resolution on MiniDV tapes, letting you get the most of your HDTV. It also takes 3.1 MegaPixel still photos.

If you've got a Mac, you can edit your home movies in HD using Apple's free iMovie software (or for few bucks, upgrade to Final Cut Express or use the high-end Final Cut Pro). Until high-def DVD burners are common, you'll have to record your finished movie back onto MiniDV for playback on your TV.