DTV Primer

Chris Llana, Editor



Sony Blu-ray Disc Player

October 21, 2006

Sony has delayed its BDP-S1 Blu-ray player from October 25 to December 4. Apparently, the firmware needs further refinement. Sony Player

This development follows the shaky introduction of the Panasonic BD player and a continuing parade of firmware upgrades to the hi-def players already out (HD-DVD and BD), which are supposed to fix those players' problems.

Pioneer's BD player had been demonstrated some time ago and performed very well, but since it hasn't been released yet, and was already delayed from September to October, the BD problems seem to be systemic in nature.

I see delays as being better than premature product releases. Dual-layer Blu-ray movies with lossless audio won't start coming out until December, so that may be a better time frame for getting players that work properly into consumers' homes.

At least one studio will not release titles with Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks until consumer A/V receivers are available to test them first. Makes sense.