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More on Blu-ray

June 26, 2006

More feedback on the new Blu-ray Disc player and movies has been coming onto the web and it does seem that there are indeed serious teething problems. The good news is that the quality problems do not seem to be associated with the format, but rather with certain glitches in the Samsung player (or perhaps flaws in specific players).

According to a recent report from, there is a problem in the Samsung player's implementation of its HDMI interconnect circuit. Using the player's component outputs instead of the HDMI output yields a huge improvement in video quality.

Also, playing some Blu-ray software through a Pioneer prototype player produced the jaw-dropping quality picture we've all been hoping for.

Oh boy, and that without HDMI 1.3!

So when are we going to see more Blu-ray hardware?

The latest info I have follows (always subject to change):

  • Samsung - BD-P1000 (available now - $1000)
  • Philips - BDP9000 (July-September - $1000)
  • Pioneer Elite - BDP-HD1 (September - $1500)
  • Panasonic - DMP-BD10 (September - $1300)
  • Sony - BDP-S1 (October 25 - $1000); Playstation 3 with HDMI 1.3 (November)