DTV Primer

Chris Llana, Editor



Toshiba Announces New 1080p DLP Sets

May 29 , 2005

Toshiba recently announced its new 2005 line-up of DLP rear-projection TVs. This is exciting not so much because it's Toshiba's digital light processing (DLP) television offerings, but because it is the first major announcement of mass-market DLP sets I have seen that use Texas Instruments' long-awaited 1080p DLP chip. Finally!

In the past, only 720p DLP sets have been available to ordinary mortals (same goes for LCD RPTVs). Except for high-end boutique sets, 1080p hasn't been available at all. You got your high-definition in either 1080i or 720p flavors. 1080p combines the best of those two formats--spectacular detail and reduced motion artifacts (the latter great for action scenes).

All eleven of the new Toshiba DLP sets will have integral digital over-the-air tuners, as well as digital cable tuners (they are "Digital Cable Ready" with CableCard slots). They also sport IEEE 1394 (DTVLink) ports and dual HDMI inputs!

The DLP sets are available in two model lines, Cinema Series and TheaterWide. Five are improved 720p models and the rest 1080p. The 720p models range in size from 46" to 62". The 1080p sets start at 56" and go up to 72".

The new 720p sets will be available June/July. The 1080p sets will become available starting in August running through October for the biggest and best. Pricing looks to be significantly down from last year for the 720p sets.

See also the Mitsubishi press release on their new 1080p DLP sets.