DTV Primer

Chris Llana, Editor



No FCC DTV Tuner Decision This Month

September 9, 2005

This month's FCC open meeting will focus on presentations regarding the effects of Hurricane Katrina on communications services in the Gulf Coast states. The anticipated FCC decision on when TV sets smaller than 25" would be required to incorporate over-the-air digital tuners is therefore not likely to be announced until the Commission's October 12th meeting.

Because at least one of Congress' early draft DTV transition bills included a provision that would set the date for mandated digital tuners in small sets, Commission staff may well prefer to wait and see what comes out of that legislation before acting on its own authority. Any statute enacted by Congress would of course supercede an FCC regulation.

House and Senate DTV bills are not expected to be finished until September 17th. It might be weeks after that before a consensus on provisions will be reached between the two sides of Congress.