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until the final shut-down of analog TV Chris Llana, Editor
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No More News and Commentary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The end of the transition has arrived for this web site. No new content will be added, but the site as is will remain online for the time being. Thanks for your interest.

6/22/08  FCC Converter Box Workshop -- Final Column

6/15/08  House Transition Hearing; NTIA Coupon Rule Change

6/8/08  New Sony TVs; Education Hits and Misses

6/1/08  Weather Channel Goes High-Def; Lots More

5/25/08  GAO Reports on Transition Status; More

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5/18/08  No Mandated Analog Pass-thru; Orlando Test

5/11/08  Wilmington, NC to be Transition Guinea Pig

5/4/08  Lost FCC Transition Milestones; Coupon Backlog

4/27/08  New DTV Proposed Rules from FCC & NTIA; More

4/20/08  More High-Def Network News; Mobile TV Coming

4/13/08  DTV Goings-On

4/6/08  LCD/LED Technology; FCC Stuff

3/30/08  More Miscellaneous

3/23/08  Miscellaneous

3/16/08  Broadcaster Sniping and Glass Houses

3/9/08  Coupons Arrive Via Junk Mail; Lots More

3/2/08  It's In the Mail

2/24/08  Coupons Slow to Start

2/17/08  One Year To Go!

2/10/08  Converter Boxes, and More

2/3/08  Superbowl Sunday and Other Things

1/27/08  Converter Boxes, Etc.

1/20/08  Just A Few Government Bits

1/13/08  CES 2008

1/6/08  And So We Start the Last Full Year

12/30/07  A Few Bits to End the Year

12/23/07  A Little of Everything

12/16/07  Converter Box News, FCC Blasted, Etc.


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